About Production:

When customers confirm the order, then our factory will calculate the all materials needs, send the each material’s dosage to our purchasing dept. to book. After the materials arrived our factory, our QC team will inspect all of them, if some materials or hardwares are defective, then they will pick up and inform purchasing dept. to buy the new ones to replace them. After that, then it comes our bulk production process, please kindly see the below process;

1, Cutting materials

The cutting machine is opened with a die cutting, according to the materials and quantity shown in the sample and production list, including the front and back panels of the entire leather goods, accessories, lining and some accessories, such as straps, hardwares etc.


2, Spray glue

Leather case, front and back panel of fabric and lining are attached to the accessories, put yellow or white glue sprayed on the base of leather fabric and the front of the accessories, then hung up it.


3, Paste

Paste the glued leather accessories together

4, Folding

The edges of the leather accessories are folded in, so that the flatness of the re-joining and the appearance of the entire product are beautiful and average.


5, Open holes

According to the customer's needs, use the corresponding mold to open holes in the leather accessories


6, Painting edge treatment

Painting edge treatment of the edge of the accessories according to product requirements, make it looks beautiful and very smoothly.


7, Stitching

Sewing the accessories separately and performing the final whole stitching


8, Cleaning and packaging

After the sewing, then clipping treatment and count the points and damages in the production process . After the inspection packing, the package is shipped.


Please see the below photos about the production process.